What to expect from the CGTN Global Media Summit and CCTV+ VMF 2019

- December 3, 2019 -


The third CGTN Global Media Summit and CCTV+ Video Media Forum is one day away. With this year's theme on "Media vs Technology," the summit is expected to explore new possibilities and disruptions brought by technology to the media industry. The summit promises to bring you discussion panels with the industry's top leaders and let you see the exchange of ideas and experiences in an engaging and understandable way.

What's different this year?

Since the CGTN Global Media Summit is an annual event, it is understandable if you wonder what's new in this year's gathering. Though there was also a tech angle in the first and second years' summit, this year's  discussions will focus more on the most up-to-date technologies, in particular, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G, and their impacts on the news industry.

What is also new this year is a special section focusing on youths and where they get their news. With the next generation set to become the movers and shakers of the society, their taste and preference will set the tone for future development of the media industry.

What can be expected from this year's discussions?

This year's summit will have three panel discussions and two fireside chats. Though AI and 5G are expected to feature prominently in the discussions, the issue of how media organizations can cope with new challenges, such as deep fake and facial recognition, is also likely to be raised during the discussion.

Tech innovation are likely to transform how media professionals report news, like AI writers replacing their human counterparts. They also pose questions on some of the basic premise of the industry, such as seeing is believing. When machine learning can mimic reality with such great accuracy, making people appear to say things when they don't, seeing isn't believing.


Who would you expect to see at this year's summit?

A wide range of prominent business and media professionals are expected to attend this year's summit, and they will bring different angles with their different cultural and professional backgrounds. Among the media professionals who are to attend are: Global Head of Video and Pictures of Reuters, John Pullman; Head of the Russia Today 360 Department, Edward Chizhikov; Regional Director of Microsoft News in Asia, Mark Oda etc.

Business leaders from tech giants in China, including Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Weibo etc. will be present in the summit as well, sharing with the audience their take on the latest development in their respective industries.


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The summit will be streamed live on CGTN platforms such as CGTN's official app, YouTube and Facebook. There will be continuous updates of the summit on CGTN's official app, website and social media platforms.

If you want to have a close read of the summit's agenda, please click here: and stay tuned for our coverage tomorrow!