2019 CGTN global media summit to discuss "media and technology"

- December 4, 2019 -


The third CGTN Global Media Summit and CCTV+ Video Media Forum (VMF) opened on Wednesday in Beijing under the theme of "Media vs. Technology.”

President of China Media Group (CMG) Shen Haixiong said in a speech that "in face of a complicated and complex world, the role of global media should be constructive, not destructive. It should be to promote integration, not to strengthen disputes.”  


"In the history of world media development, there may have never been a historical period like this, when technology has brought profound changes to media," he added.

CMG is making great efforts to seize the historical opportunities brought by the development of science and technology to the media, and has proposed a development strategy of "5G+4K/8K+AI" to fully meet the thirst of new media for new technology and effectively promote the actuation of new technology to new media.

On October 1 last year, Chinese broadcaster CCTV launched the 4K Ultra HD channel, the first UHD TV channel in China. On November 20 this year, 5G-powered video app Yangshipin was officially launched, providing users with the latest and best audio-visual experience. Shen said CMG is determined to launch an 8K UHD pilot channel ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.




CGTN launched a Think Tank at the Global Media Summit and VMF 2019, aiming to promote cooperation among global Think Tanks by building an open platform for exchanges, contributing insights on world affairs and helping CGTN become a first-class international media with high-quality content.

A total of 50 Think Tanks and institutions from China and abroad have established cooperative relations with the CGTN Think Tank.

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CGTN also announced at the 2019 Global Media Summit that it has officially landed on Amazon Fire TV and will cooperate with Microsoft News as a content provider. CGTN's streaming service CGTN Now includes 24/7 CGTN LIVE TV content and original on-demand stories for Amazon Fire TV users. Its original and exclusive content will also be available on Microsoft News in languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian.

The summit features discussions on a variety of topics centered on the relationship between technology and media. Among the themes are "5G & the Future: A New Era of Technology Innovation" and "Tech, News and the New Generation: The Evolution of Content Consumption."